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Snagging Inspections

B & D Snagging Specialists, based in Andover, Hampshire, provide professional snagging inspections on new build homes prior to moving into your new property, or before your developers warranty expires. We detect defects and poor workmanship present within the property that may have gone unnoticed by your builder and provide a comprehensive snag list report. Our service is available to new homeowners throughout Southern England. Make sure your new build home is up to standards!

Southern UK

B & D Snagging Specialists are based in Andover, Hampshire. We provide inspection services for new home buyers across Southern UK.

New Builds

Snagging inspections identify and list defects and damaged areas of your new build home that may have been overlooked by your builder.

Peace of Mind

An itemised and detailed snagging report will be issued to you following the inspection, saving you hassle and money in the future.

Prices Start From Just £200 For a One Bedroom Flat or Apartment

Independent Snag List Reports

B & D Snagging Specialists carry out extensive inspections on new build homes and house extensions to find all the snags that your builder or possibly yourself may have missed. With our expertise, we compile an exhaustive itemised and detailed snag list of damage or defects that could cost you thousands of pounds in the future to repair.
Ensuring your New Build Home is Safe, Sound & Free of Defects

The ideal period for a snagging inspection is as soon as you take possession of the property. However, this can be completed at a later stage.

We snag properties to the highest standard with a thorough investigation to provide you with a snagging report that is to, and above, the NHBC regulations. This will give you the utmost confidence that everything we state in our report will be within building regulations.

You are 100% within your rights to present the snagging report to your builder to request that all damage and defects found are rectified at their cost.

B & D Snagging Specialists will go the extra mile and list all advisory snags that may be outside regulations, but need to be addressed; this is usually the more cosmetic items that will be at your discretion as to whether you ask the builder to rectify or not.

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